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CONTENTS of the Latest Issue January 1998, Volume 1, Number 3-4    A SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE

Section 1. Newly Uncovered Viral Reservoir:  A report on Latent Long-lasting Proviral DNA
Section 2. Protease Inhibitor Update: includes reports on Treatment Options After Failing a Protease Inhibitor; Monthly Monitoring of Viral Load; Commentary on Steve Deeks Data; Nadir of Viral Load Response, Baseline Viral Load, How Low Should Viral Load Be?; Indinavir (Crixivan); Ritonavir (Norvir); 4 Drug Study; Nelfinavir (Viracept); Fortovase: New Saquinavir; 141W94; PNU-140690
Section 3. 1592U89 (Abacavir)
Section 4. Double Protease Combinations  studies including: Indinavir+Nelfinavir; Indinavir+Ritonavir; Nelfinavir + Saquinavir; ABT-378+Ritonavir; Ritonavir+Nelfinavir
Section 5. NNRTI Section includes articles on Efavirenz (DMP-266) Interactions with Nelfinavir;  Delavirdine (Rescriptor) Interactions with Ritonavir and Nelfinavir; and Nevirapine (Viramune) Nevirapine+Indinavir Study
Section 6. Labs Offering 50 Copy Test
Section 7. CSF Penetration by Protease Inhibitors, BID Dosing, Effect of Indinavir on CSF
Section 8. Hydroxyurea: a new approach to treating HIV
Section 9. Conference Briefs includes articles on 6 Drug Salvage Therapy; In vitro Effect of Protease Inhibitors on Methadone; Effect of Flu Vaccine on Viral Load; T-20 (Fusion Inhibitor), PMEA, MKC-442; D4T/3TC and AZT/3TC, Pediatric Studies
Section 10. Resistance Supplement includes a Report from NATAP Forum at NYU as well as information on Nucleoside Resistance; Protease Resistance; New Information on 1592 Resistance; and Expanded access tips