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CONTENTS of the Latest Issue May 1998, Volume 1, Number 4 

Section 1. Treatment Strategies: Salvage Therapy Options, New Protease Inhibitors&Other New Drugs Preventing Failure
Section 2. NNRTI Report:1592U89 Resistance and Phenotypic Resistance Testing
Section 3. List of Sites for ACTG 398, ACTG 400, and ICC study #006
Section 4. Preliminary Data on Protease BID Dosing Regimens: Nelfinavir and Indinavir
Section 5. Ritonavir Decreases Methadone Blood Levels in Healthy Volunteers
Section 6. 
AIDS Death Declines Overall in NYC and the US:But Improvements are Less for African-Americans, Women, Hispanics, Heterosexuals and Injection Drug Users
Section 7. Protease Inhibitor Update:Saquinavir (Fortovase) Update to Week 32
Section 8. NRTI Report:1592U89 Resistance and Phenotypic Resistance Testing
Section 9. Double Protease Combinations:Ritonavir + Saquinavir: 60-week update
Section 10. Immune Reconstituion, Viral Reservoirs and HIV Pathogenesis
Section 11.Adefovir Dipivoxil (Preveon)
Section 12.Fat Redistribution and Diabetes (by Larry Cohen)
Section 13.Lower Than Usual but Detectable Levels of Replication Competent Proviral DNA found in Individuals on HU/ddI/Indinavir
Section 14.New Direction of Research in the ACTG and ACTG 384
Section 15.Late Breaker: Efavirenz Reduces Fortovase Plasma Concentrations by 60%