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HIV and Hepatitis C Conference Reports:

We encourage you to read the articles on our website which contain more comprehensive treatment information. NATAP has an e-mail treatment news service.  When there is breaking treatment news, NATAP will e-mail to you a report of this information.  If youd like to subscribe, free of charge, please send NATAP your e-mail address.

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The information in this newsletter is only for educational  purposes.  
Before making any treatment decisions one should consult with ones doctor(s).   

Compassionate Access Programs

Small compassionate access program for ABT-378 for individuals with limited options. Larger traditional expanded access program expected to begin in early 2000. 888 711-7193. A small PMPA compassionate access program has started also for individuals with limited options.

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NATAP has a unique mission. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive, accurate and real-time up-to-date treatment information available. Therefore we do not have a set publication schedule. When there are advances in AIDS treatment we will publish them either in this newsletter, on our web site or if they are urgent in a priority fax or e-mail notice. 

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