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Increased HIV Rates in UK
  "Alarm As HIV Rates Climb"
Rates of HIV infection are continuing to climb amongst gay men, according to new figures.

The Health Protection Agency expects a six per cent increase in the number of new cases of infection diagnosed last year when figures are finalised.
Amongst men having sex with men, the increase in diagnoses was more than ten per cent, likely to reach more than 2,450.
The HPA warned the total number of new diagnoses would pass 7,750.
Experts said it was possible the increase was the result of men seeking diagnosis for infection at an earlier stage.
Dr Valerie Delpech, of the Health Protection Agency's HIV department said: "Sex between men remains the group in the UK at highest risk of acquiring HIV with evidence that transmission is continuing at a substantial rate.
"The rise in the number of new diagnoses reported is likely to be due to more HIV testing among MSM and ongoing transmission of HIV."
Professor Pete Borriello, Director of the Agency's Centre for Infections said: "The earlier people are diagnosed the more effectively their health can be monitored and antiretroviral treatment can be started.
"It is vital that anyone who thinks they have put themselves at risk of contracting HIV should contact their GP or a sexual health clinic at the earliest opportunity."
Date: January 30th 2006
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