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GSK Provides ARTs to Russia
  Sep 16 2006
Western Mail
PHARMACEUTICALS giant GlaxoSmithKline yesterday announced it had struck a deal to supply cut-price HIV/Aids drugs to Russia.
The agreement is the first direct federal purchase of anti-retroviral medicines in Russia.
Glaxo will supply more than 90,000 treatment packs of its drugs - Combivir, Epivir and Ziagen - to the Russian Government by the end of 2006. These medicines, which are used as mainstay treatment for HIV, will be dispensed by hospital centres across the country.
The move will help the Russian Government meet its target of reaching 15,000 patients by the end of 2006 - a target which has been doubled for 2007.
Drugs firms have come under fire for allegedly putting profits before addressing the Aids crisis around the world.
Andrew Witty, president of pharmaceuticals Europe at Glaxo, said, "The recent G8 Summit in St Petersburg reiterated the importance of a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing HIV/Aids - embracing political commitment and funding to deliver prevention, treatment and care solutions across the world.
"Russia is making a strong contribution to global efforts, and has committed 143m to the Global Fund in the period up to 2010.
"Today's agreement will significantly increase access to HIV treatment in Russia.
"Glaxo has a long-standing commitment to improving access to its HIV medicines across the world and is delighted to continue this, by playing a full part in supporting the efforts of the Russian government.
"We applaud the Russian Government's commitment to tackling the epidemic and look forward to further partnership."
Glaxo operates a number of HIV/Aids programmes in local communities in Russian "to help overcome poor understanding of transmission, diagnosis and stigma".
The firm said two "significant projects" will start next year to help support work with patients diagnosed with HIV.
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