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Swedish firm Medivir Licenses HIV ART Drug to Chinese
  12th February 2007 12:18 CET
Swedish biotech company Medivir has licensed development of its HIV drug MIV-160 to Chinese company Guangdong Lantai Viewland Pharmaceuticals.
Under the deal, the Chinese company will take charge of development of the drug and commercialization in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
Medivir will be paid in the form of shares in the Chinese company, and will also receive royalty payments on sales.
The drug, a non-nucleaoside HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitor, is in late pre-clinical development. Medivir says the drug can provide a chemical barrier to prevent HIV transmission, as well as being used to treat the condition.
Zho Hai-Feng, chairman of Guangdong Lantai Viewland Pharmaceuticals, said the deal with Medivir was a milestone for HIV prevention and treatment in China.
"I believe that the development of an effective prevention method is a vital element to keep this virus in check, and MIV-160 offers a valuable opportunity," he said.
James Savage
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