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Abbott & Merck Wellvista ADAP HIV ART Access Initiative Q & A
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What is the ADAP initiative?
A collaboration between the Heinz Family Philanthropies, Abbott and Welvista to expedite access to HIV medications for individuals currently waiting for access to AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) across the nation.
How was this developed?
This initiative was developed to find a solution to a call for help from NASTAD to find ways to simplify access to medications for individuals on ADAP waiting lists rather than the standard patient assistance program (PAP) processes that currently exist.
How is the ADAP initiative funded?
The initiative is funded through private foundations, like the Heinz Family Philanthropies, through pharmaceutical companies such as Welvista's partnerships with Abbott and Merck.
How many individuals are on waiting list?
As of 8/9/10 there are 2,758 individuals are ADAP waiting list in thirteen states across the nation.
What states have current waiting lists?
As of 8/9/10 the following states have waiting lists:
Florida 1059
Georgia 292
Hawaii 16
Idaho 30
Iowa 111
Kentucky 232
Louisiana 251
Montana 22
North Carolina 189
Ohio 118
South Carolina 245
South Dakota 25
Utah 128
Who is Welvista?
For over 17 years Welvista, a nonprofit organization located in Columbia, South Carolina, has been providing access to prescription medications to the uninsured and underserved throughout South Carolina. Welvista partners with 12 branded pharmaceutical companies who donate medications and a network of over 3,000 health care providers making them one of the largest mail-order pharmacies for the uninsured in the nation. In 2009, Welvista filled and dispensed more than 135,000 prescriptions to the uninsured valued at over $47 million.
Where is Welvista permitted?
As of 8/9/10 Welvista is permitted in the following states
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
How will Welvista obtain initial and updated patient waiting list information from ADAPs?
Welvista and NASTAD have participated in conference calls with the ADAP Coordinators in waiting list states. Additionally, Welvista has been in touch with staff in several states to discuss state specific issues for the ADAP program. Welvista understands that states need flexibility to enroll their patients into the program so several options have been determined:
1. Patients are enrolled using the ADAP script form, accompanied by a prescription and a letter from the ADAP indicating the client has been added to the ADAP waiting list. It is not necessary that the ADAP coordinator sign the form but any staff person assisting the patient (case manager, physician, or nurse) can do so as long as the ADAP Waiting List letter is included and verifies status on the specific state waiting list. Most ADAPs provide these letters to patients and it was recommended by the state ADAP Coordinators.
2. If the ADAP coordinator is able to authorize the form, the ADAP waiting list letter will not be necessary. The ADAP form will be sent to the prescriber who will attach the appropriate prescription and fax both to Welvista. How will Welvista deal with privacy concerns and patient authorizations to disclose information?
Welvista is a licensed and permitted pharmacy in good standing with the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy and complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. All parties agree to protect the confidentiality of patient medical records and to comply with the HIPAA. All ADAP client information will be kept confidential and secured. No client information is released except to the designated ADAP and the patient themselves. Any changes to a patient's status will come directly from the patient to Welvista staff or via the ADAP coordinator. In some instances, ADAPs will add Welvista to the client confidentiality disclosure form in order to share patient information. In cases where this will not happen, the patient will contact Welvista directly once the faxed ADAP waiting list letter has been received.
How will patients enroll?
This initiative for patients currently on ADAP waiting lists across the nation eliminates all PAP enrollment forms to access HIV medications. The following procedures apply:
1. All patients must be on a state ADAP waiting list.
2. ADAP Coordinators can enroll patients by using the ADAP Script Form and forwarding the form to the prescriber who will attach the prescription and fax both to Welvista.
3. Some states provide patients with a letter indicating that they have been added to the ADAP waiting list. In these states it is not necessary for the ADAP Coordinator to sign the form. Any case manager, physician, or nurse can enroll the patient by signing the ADAP Script Form, accompanied by a prescription and the letter from the ADAP indicating the patient has been added to the ADAP waiting list.
What medications are available to patients?
As of 8/9/10 Welvista has the following medications on their formulary:
· Norvir
· Kaletra
· Isentress
· Crixivan
How will Welvista obtain new prescriptions for patients?
The licensed practitioner may use the following
1. Phone in new prescription order(s) by calling Welvista's toll free number at 1-877-258-1556 and speaking to a pharmacist.
2. Fax in new prescription order(s) through Welvista's toll free fax at 1-877-258-1557.
3. IVR new prescription order(s) through Welvista's 24-hour voicemail line at 1-877-258-1556.
How will Welvista handle refill prescriptions for patients?
After the patient receives their initial prescription, Welvista recommends that the patient reorder their prescription at least ten (10) days prior to needing their medication. Doing this will prevent an unnecessary lapse in therapy. Patients may reorder prescription(s) by using any one of the following methods:
1. Call Welvista at 1-877-258-1556.
2. Call Welvista's automatic prescription 24 hour refill line at 1-877-258-1556.
How will Welvista ship medications?
Welvista's staff is responsible for ensuring that patient's medication reaches them safely and in a timely manner. When orders are received, Welvista will make every effort to process them within 24 hours. Orders are then shipped by UPS or USPS with delivery confirmation. According to the US Postal Service and UPS delivery should be within 2-3 days. Prescriptions are mailed directly to the patient or the patient's agent.
What is the cost of the medication?
All the medications through this initiative are free to the patients on a state ADAP waiting list and donated to Welvista by the pharmaceutical companies.
What are Welvista's hours of operations?
Welvista's hours of operation are as follows:
· 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST); Monday through Friday
· 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (EST): Saturday (on call only)
Who do we call for information?
You can rely on Welvista's pharmacy staff to respond promptly to all questions regarding prescription requests, refills and shipping for medications by calling Welvista's toll free number at 1-877-258-1556.
How will Welvista keep everyone informed?
Welvista will be providing monthly reports that will include the following:
1. Patients served
2. Prescriptions filled
3. Prescriptions refilled
4. AWP
5. Patients location (i.e. state, zip code)
6. Medications
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