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ViiV Healthcare Expands Patient Assistance Program, Continues its Patient Savings Card Program, and Joins Welvista Program
  Dear Community Member,
I am pleased to share with you the following update on ViiV Healthcare's patient assistance and access programs in the United States.
ViiV Healthcare will expand its Patient Assistance Program effective January 1, 2011. This program will replace the Bridges to Access program administered through GSK for the medicines offered by ViiV Healthcare. Additionally, we have increased the maximum household income level for our patient assistance program from 250% to 500% of the federal poverty level.
Secondly, ViiV has decided to extend our Patient Support Card program for an additional two years. This program provides $100 off of out-of-pocket costs each month for each medicine produced by the company and the extension allows patients already enrolled into the program to continue the use of their cards through 2012. Additionally, the program is now available in Puerto Rico.
ViiV Healthcare has also announced our participation in the Welvista HIV treatment access program on a pilot basis starting in January 2011. This one-year trial will increase the utility of Welvista's program by adding all ten HIV medicines offered by ViiV Healthcare to Welvista's current offerings, allowing low-income patients who meet the eligibility requirements for the ViiV Healthcare Patient Assistance Program to access more of their HIV regimen through a single point of contact.
It is our hope that these efforts will help increase access to patients previously on medication who have now lost access due to increasing income thresholds, ease the difficulty of navigating multiple access programs, and continue to provide assistance to those who struggle with out-of-pocket costs for HIV medicines.
For more information on the programs, please see the press release below/attached or visit:
As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support.
Marc Meachem
919.483.8756 office
919.949.3070 cell
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