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  3rd International Workshop on HIV & Women
January 14-15, 2013
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Efficacy and Safety of Raltegravir in Women
  Reported by Jules Levin
4th International Workshop on HIV and Women
January 13-14, 2014
Washington DC
Kathleen Squires,1 Linda-Gail Bekker,2 Christine Katlama,3 Yazdan Yazdanpanah,4 Anthony Rodgers,5 Kim Strohmaier,5 Peter Sklar,5 Randi Leavitt,5 Hedy Teppler5 1Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson Univ, Dept of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA; 2Univ of Cape Town, The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa; 3Hopital Pitiť Salpetriere, Dept of Infectious Diseases, Paris, France; 4Hopital Bichat-Claude Bernard, Dept of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Paris, France; 5Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ, USA


"Female cohort had lower proportion of white patients than the male cohort (37% vs 64%), and higher proportion of black patients (29% vs 9%) and of Asian (20% vs 8%) patients"
"Baseline CD4 cell count was ≤200 cells/μL in 39% of women vs 33% of men (mean [SD]: 226 [121] vs 261 [135] cells/μL, respectively)"
"Overall, 89% of women and 92% of men completed 48 weeks of treatment"
"At week 48, HIV RNA <50 copies/mL (Figure 1) was achieved in 93% of women (126/135) and 91% of men (458/505); difference: -3.0, 95% CI (-7.4, 3.0)"