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  15th European AIDS Conference (EACS)
October 21-24, 2015
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Pre-cART pro-Inflammatory Milieu, Microbial Translocation (MT) and risk of disease progression in HIV-Infected Patients,
Starting Their First cART: data form the Icona Cohort Foundation

  Reported by Jules Levin
EACS 2015 Oct 21-24 Barcelona, Spain - 15th European AIDS Conference
"Hs-CRP was the only biomarker independently associated with endpoint i) and ii)- evaluate the association between biomarkers and different outcomes i. Severe non-AIDS Events (SNAE*), AIDS-defining conditions or death whichever occurred first ii. SNAE or death.......We hereby show that circulating pre-cART hsCRP but not MT, seems associated with the risk of disease progression after cART initiation regardless of patients' pre-cART CD4. · Our results suggest that pre-therapy HIV-driven pro-inflammatory milieu might overweight MT and its downstream immune activation in driving disease outcome even after HIV viremia suppression."
G. Marchetti1*, A Cozzi-Lepri2, E. Merlini1, A Castagna3, A. Costantini4, G. Orofino5, S. Lo Caputo6, A. De Luca7, A. Antinori8 and A. d'Arminio Monforte1 for the Icona Foundation Study Group
1 "San Paolo" Hospital - University of Milan - Milan , Italy; 2University College London, Royal Free Campus - London, UK; 3University Vita e Salute "San Raffaele" - Milan, Italy; 4University of Ancona - Ancona, Italy; 5 "Amedeo di Savoia" Hospital - Turin, Italy; 6 "S.M. Annunziata" Hospital - Florence, Italy; 7University Polyclinic "Agostino Gemelli" - Rome; 8Clinical Department, INMI, L. Spallanzani, IRCCS - Rome