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  EASL - The International Liver Congress 2015
50th annual Meeting of the European
association for the Study of the Liver
Vienna, austria  april 22-26
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EACS aging-related presentations
  regarding aging in the US here is an excerpt I sent recently wrote to some federal US officials:
Many aging/older patients are suffering increased rates compared to HIV-negatives of frailty, fracture, brain/cognitive impairment, heart disease, gait problems etc. We WILL see more depression, suicidal ideation, housing & income problems AND mobility & ambulatory problems. Death rates will disproportionately increase. BUT perhaps the most crucial concern which I have been working on is there is no discussion about the services older patients need. There is no policy & no discussion to begin to address policy needs. I have been having discussions with HHS leadership, with NYS officials, and with NIAID leadership about this, and there is no movement to address this. For example, we need support services for these patient's needs on a local level supporting by federal mandate, it could be through Ryan White. We need to address increased depression, there will be increased substance abuse, we need clinics & clinicians that can provide the specialized care for these patients needs - geriatric & comorbidities specialists for HIV. HIV clinics should be taking this on, but they are not. We need exercise & diet programs, because at this point in time exercise & diet are the only known antidotes to address aging. We need education for HIV doctors about each of these comorbidities. We need education for patients. Now that is what NATAP does through our treatment education program, every 3000 patients & providers attend our HCV & HIV symposiums. But of course education is needed in the clinic. And of course through the NATAP listaerves, emails and posting on the website I provide A LOT of education about these aging & HIV issues and of course real time conference reporting & publications on the many related issues for aging & HIV. That is how 8 years ago I got the OAR , the NIH and researchers to appreciate this problem, and I got the OAR & the NIH to provide all the aging funding they do now. But now we need to address the services older patients need. We need local city & state Ryan White Councils & DOH officials to begin discussing local solutions, for example to address housing & income problems, depression, ambulatory & mobility issues. I think this problem will one day explode. I think federal officials are just putting off the inevitable, thats how it works, often human nature is to delay something until it is actually upon you. Until there is more pressure the federal, city and state officials will not respond to this. SO I know and understand we the impact of HIV on an aging population, but I have been unable to make these policy changes happen despite trying.
EACS: Where is the greatest impact of uncontrolled HIV infection on clinical disease progression? - (11/05/15)
EACS: Frailty Predicts All-cause Mortality, Hospital Admission and Falls in HIV-infected and -uninfected Middle-aged Individuals (10/23/15)
EACS:HIV Independently Boosts Odds of Hypertension in Older HIV+/HIV- Cohort - Lipodystrophy/heart disease -(10/23/15)
EACS: Pre-cART pro-Inflammatory Milieu, Microbial Translocation (MT) and risk of disease progression in HIV-Infected Patients, Starting Their First cART: data form the Icona Cohort Foundation (10/26/15)
EACS: EuroSIDA Analysis Suggests Much Lower PSA Cutoff for HIV-Positive Men - (10/27/15)
EACS: Trends in incidences and risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma & other liver events in HIV/HCV co-infected individuals from 2001 to 2014: a multi-cohort study - (10/30/15)
EACS: No decline in hepatitis C incidence among HIV-positive MSM; an update from the CASCADE Collaboration - (10/30/15)
EACS: Is Response to Anti-HCV Treatment Predictive of Mortality in HCV/HIV Co-infected Patients?..... "SVR -reduced incidence of liver-related death and improved overall survival" (10/27/15)
15th European AIDS Conference (EACS)
October 21-24, 2015
Neuropsychological Impairment in Acute HIV and the Effect of Immediate Antiretroviral Therapy - (11/04/15)