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Exercise Improves Brain/Cognitive Function in HIV+
  CROI: Aerobic Exercise Attenuates Cognitive Decline and Brain Volume Loss Associated With HIV.....from Jules: real-world exercise/diet intervention studies are need - (03/09/15)
......aerobic exercise improved cognition, increased brain volume.....a 50 yr old HIV+ who exercises has same brain volume as sedentary 40 yr old HIV+, exercise prevents decline with aging.....this study quantifies effects of exercise on brain health through neuroimaging......Subjects underwent neuroimaging and neuropsychological evaluations.....A cross-sectional cohort of 70 HIV+ individuals (19-82 age range) had neuropsychological performance (NP) testing, neuroimaging, and completed an extensive self-report AE questionnaire that split the cohort into physically active (n=22) and sedentary (n=48) groups..... from Jules: real-world exercise/diet intervention studies are needed
CROI: The impact of physical activity on cognition in men with and without HIV - (03/11/15)
CROI: The Effect of Physical Activity on Cardiometabolic Health and Inflammation in HIV - (03/09/15)
CROI 2015 - Metabolics / Aging, Senescence / Comorbidities / Inflammation - 3 Exercise Studies / Heart Disease / Statins / Cancers / The Kidney / Bone / TAF / The Brain - neurologic function - (04/01/15)

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