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REPRIEVE Study To Evaluate Statin Therapy to Prevent or
Reduce Heart Disease in HIV+
  NIH launches largest clinical trial focused on HIV-related cardiovascular disease
is the first large scale, randomized clinical trial to test a strategy for heart disease prevention in HIV. REPRIEVE will test whether a daily dose of a statin will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among HIV-infected individuals (for whom statins are not already recommended according to 2013 US Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines). Statin medications have known properties to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and also to decrease inflammation, however the ability of statins to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among people living with HIV has not been tested. Participants in the trial will be randomized to receive a statin medication (pitavastatin) or a placebo pill. A substudy of REPRIEVE will examine possible ways in which statins may work to reduce the risk heart disease among people with HIV.
The REPRIEVE trial will include 6500 participants and will be conducted at approximately 100 clinical research sites, primarily in the United States. The trial will be conducted through the AIDS Clinical Trials Network, as well as other NIAID sites and established clinical research sites. REPRIEVE scientists including Dr. Steven Grinspoon (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Pamela Douglas (Duke University School of Medicine), Dr. Udo Hoffmann (Harvard Medical School) and Dr. Heather Ribaudo (Harvard School of Public Health) are internationally recognized experts in the fields of HIV medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, radiology, and biostatistics. The REPRIEVE trial is funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health, with significant support and collaboration from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) through its Division of AIDS. In addition, Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. will be providing study drug and additional support.
JUPITER study.......treating intermediate-risk patients with normal LDL-cholesterol levels but elevated CRP levels.......with rosuvastatin 20 mg significantly reduced the primary end point......CRP Testing+Statin Therapy Cost Effective To Prevent Heart Disease/death...... In The Lancet: JUPITER Study Reports Reducing hsCRP & LDL to Low Levels with ...
CROI: Statin Therapy Reduces Coronary Noncalcified Plaque Volume in HIV-infected Patients: a Randomized Controlled Trial - (03/02/15)
CROI: Rosuvastatin halts carotid artery wall thickening in placebo-controlled trial (SATURN Trial)
CROI: Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Patients: An Emerging Paradigm and Call to Action - (03/02/15)
CROI: HIV and Cardiovascular Disease: Report back from 2015 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections by Priscilla Hsue MD
- Professor of Medicine, UCSF - (04/08/15)......should we as clinicians prescribe statins for all HIV patients? Will statin target the inflammatory pathways of interest in HIV? The data on clinical outcomes and statin intervention are largely mixed and will be the focus of the REPRIEVE study. Data from the SATURN study (Abstract 137, webcast) along with Janet Lo's atorvastatin study suggest that inflammatory markers and immune activation are largely not reduced by statin therapy. New drugs for lipid lowering and inflammatory interventions are being evaluated by other ongoing clinical trials.
Below is the link to our website as well as several press releases and recent articles about REPRIEVE. this page on our website has a map with all sites currently open to enrollment
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