icon-folder.gif   Conference Reports for NATAP  
  7th International Workshop
on HIV and Aging
September 26-27, 2016
Washington, DC
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Frailty and the Risk of Falls in HIV-Infected Older Adults in the ACTG A5322 Study
  Reported by Jules Levin
7th International Workshop on HIV and Aging, September 26-27, 2016, Washington, DC
Katherine Tassiopoulos, Mona Abdo, Susan L. Koletar, Frank Palella, Babafemi Taiwo, and Kristine M. Erlandson for the A5322 Team
....in this ACTG study of 967 HIV+ persons, average age 51 [46-56] 18% had a fall or more than 1 fall in past 18 months, 7% had recurrent falls, 5.2% got a fracture as a result fall; age breakdown for falls: 25% >60 years old had a fall; 20% 50-59 had a fall; 12% 40-49 had a fall. Falls by frailty status: 49% who were frail had a fall; 21% who were pre-frail had a fall; and, 12% who were not frail had a fall. The study found being frail vs not being frail increases risk for a fall by 2 times but for more than one fail risk increases much more; and once an HIV+ person in this study crosses over pre-frail to frailty that too increases the risk quite a bit.