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  Conference on Retroviruses
and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)
February 22-25, 2016, Boston MA
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CD8 T-Cell HIV Impact - early ART / cure /
vaccine implications / Bruce Walker Opening Session
  Bruce Walker explains the impact of early ART during acute HIV in controlling HIV, and implications for cure & vaccines....
Reported by Jules Levin, NATAP.org


I highly recommend the webcast of the Opening Session at CROI 2016 where Bruce Walker, a very well-known HIV basic science immunity researcher, discusses his what I find very interesting & important findings in his research project in acute HIv in South Africa where he reports the importance of the CD8 (CTL) response to acute HIV infection, how this CD8 response keeps HIV in check during acute HIV. Although he doesn’t expand this discussion to chronic HIV & the relevance of the CD8 response I will, as we have continually been looking at the reverse CD4:CD8 ratio response we find in HIV+ individuals & how this reflects something bad, I transfix his finding to suggest that this reverse ratio response appears to be a good thing perhaps, reflecting ongoing immune response to ongoing HIV infection even in chronic HIV where viral load is undetectable although he touches on the exhaustion of the is response so I am not sure if the CD8 response persists or not. as a side note he touches on PD-1 as being an HIV discovery which is now being used clinically in cancer treatment, an important reminder of how HIV research can have a crucial affect on other diseases and a case in point regarding that PD-1 discovery in HIV is fueling cancer treatment today....