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  Conference on Retroviruses
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February 22-25, 2016, Boston MA
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Concentrations of TFV and TFVdp in Female Mucosal Tissues After a Single Dose of TAF
  Reported by Jules Levin
CROI 2016 Feb 22-24 Boston
CROI: Chemoprophylaxis with Oral FTC/TAF Protects Macaques from Rectal SHIV Infection - (02/29/16)
KL Garrett*, ML Cottrell, HMA Prince, C Sykes, A Schauer, A Peery, S McCallister, JF Rooney, C Emerson, ES Dellon, RD Madanick, NJ Shaheen, C Gay, ADM Kashuba University of North Carolina UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine Chapel Hill, NC Gilead Sciences, Inc. Foster City, CA
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clinical studies show between efficacy and adherence......but as you can see in the table just below the 2 studies in women - VOICE & FEM-PrEP had similar levels of detectable drug but less efficacy....


"at the equivalent of 2 doses per week in study of MSMs or roughly a 28% rate of adherence per week however at the same rate of adherence in women protection was not conferred.....we believe the clinical pharmacology of Truvada in mucosal tissues can explain this discrepancy"


"we modeled these data & determined that in order to protect the Female Genital Tract a consistent daily dose of Truvada would be required each week