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  HIV Glasgow
23-26 October 2016
Glasgow, UK
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Frailty in HIV+ in Italy....average age only 49 but 12% frail, 28% pre-frail, 33% some measure of depression, 51% cognitive impairment.
  Reported by Jules Levin
Glasgow HIV Oct 2016
Vita Serena1* , Lichtner Miriam 2 , Rossi Raffaella 1 , Pozze:o Irene2, Tosato Cecilia1, Marocco Raffaella2, Zuccalà Paola1, Mascia Claudia1,Campagna Michela1, d'E:orre Gabriella1, Turriziani Ombre:a1, Falasca Francesca1, Ajassa Camilla1, Mastroianni Claudio Maria2and Vullo Vincenzo1
1Sapienza University of Rome,
2Sapienza University of Rome, Polo PonPno


Although our study population was asymptomatic and without known organ diseases, we found a high prevalence of pre frail and frail patients with cognitive impairment and depression. Factors associated to frailty were smokers status, HCV coinfection, depression, cognitive impairment, PI-based therapy and an increased inflammatory milieu in terms of sCD14.
Multivariate analysis with a larger sample is needed to confirm these results.