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Probiotic / Prebiotic Foods List - Prebiotic Fiber Foods
Garlic: is loaded with prebiotics, but once is cooked most of the fiber transforms in sugars.....Bananas.....Chicory Root.....raw asparagus.....Leeks.....raw onions have a content of 8-9 % of prebiotic.....Whole Grains: whole grain breads a great food for your digestive health....Marine algae, (spirulina, chlorela, nostoc, etc. are probably one of the most surprising prebiotics, they not only act as a stimulant for good bacteria, the research suggests that they can be an inhibitor for pathogenic bacteria.....All vegetables are best uncooked, in order to preserve intact their fiber. Cooking transforms the prebiotic fiber in simple sugars, so when you cook them, you will get a lower fiber content from the same amount of vegetables.
The best food for your gut bacteria are some dietary fibers, that humans cannot digest, but they are the best food for probiotics.
Fermented Foods List, Probiotic Foods......
Sour Pickles....Kombucha tea.....Miso....Olives in brine
Food-Prebiotic (nutrition)


While there is no broad consensus on an ideal daily serving of prebiotics, recommendations typically range from 4 to 8 grams (0.14-0.28 oz) for general digestive health support, to 15 grams (0.53 oz) or more for those with active digestive disorders. Given an average 6 grams (0.21 oz) serving, below are the amounts of prebiotic foods required to achieve a daily serving of prebiotic fiber:


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