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  International AIDS Conference
Durban, South Africa
July 18-22 2016
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Neurocognitive Performance and Normative Comparison Data in HIV+ and HIV-Individuals in Rakai, Uganda
  "We enrolled site specific HIV-participants to create normative data, and applied these data to HIV+participants....mean age of 35 years"
"Significant neurocognitive differences were found between the HIV-and HIV+ "
Reported by Jules Levin
Durban 2016 July 18-22
Kevin Robertson1, Gertrude Nakigozi2, Aggrey Anok2, Noeline Nakasujja3, Deanna Saylor4, XiangrongKong5, Sarah Yosief1, Ronald Gray5, Maria J. Wawer5, and Ned Sacktor4 1University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; 2. Rakai Health Sciences Program, Kalisizo, Uganda; 3. MakerereUniversity, Kampala, Uganda; 4. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD;5. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD.