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  International AIDS Conference
Durban, South Africa
July 18-22 2016
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Increased risk of suicidal behaviour with use of efavirenz: Results from the START Trial
  Reported by Jules Levin
Durban 2016 July 18-22
Alejandro Arenas-Pinto, Birgit Grund, Shweta Sharma, Esteban Martinez, Nathan Cummins, Julie Fox, Karin Klingman, Dalibor Sedlacek, Simon Collins, Patricia Flynn, William Chasanov, Eynat Kedem, Christine Katlama, Juan Sierra-Madero, Vidar Ormaasen, Pim Brouwers, David Cooper for the INSIGHT START Study Group








"This figure shows Kaplan-Meier estimates for time to suicidal behavior in the last analysis, where follow-up in the deferred ART group is censored at ART start. The first panel shows participants who were pre-specified EFV; the risk of suicidal behavior is substantially higher in the immediate ART group compared with the deferred ART group, and we remember that most of the ART in the immediate group contained EFV, and participants in the deferred group did not use any ART (follow-up was censored). The second panel shows participants with other ART regimens pre-specified, where EFV use was very low in the immediate group. Here, rates of suicidal behavior were similar between those using other ART in the immediate group, and the ART-naïve follow-up in the deferred ART group.