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Frailty Predicts Recurrent but Not Single Falls 10 Years Later in HIV+ and HIV- Women
  from Jules: 25% of HIV+ middle aged women in WIHS (36-48) experienced 2+ falls !!! Its important to keep in mind that the HIV-neg women & the HIV+ women in WIHS are are similar background, so the fact that this study found both groups had similar falls rates is not surprising and should not be interpreted to mean the falls rate is not a series problem in HIV+ women. This is a serious problem and spells great concerns. As time passes this trend will only worsen with worse outcomes, as women age. Falls lead to fractures which lead to premature mortality in older people in the general population, and to becoming disabled.. This study also finds hypertension, neuropathy, having HCV, being obese & CNS medications being used as all associated with 2 or more falls.
Reported by Jules Levin
19th International Workshop on Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV Milan, Italy
October 23, 2017
Anjali Sharma, Deborah Gustafson, Donald R Hoover, Qiuhu Shi, Michael W Plankey, Phyllis C Tien, Kathleen Weber, Michael T Yin:
The Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)