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EATG Aging / HIV Project - Europe Addressing HIV & Aging - there is no such project in the USA.
  from Jules: In fact the aging/HIV problem which I call an "epidemic" is mostly marginalized in the USA, with very little attention being paid to the problem, except for a very few individuals. Government agencies are ignoring the problem - CDC, HRSA, RWCA, OAR, NIH, NIAID - have held no large scale discussions or meetings and are ignoring the great needs for the first surviving HIV+ generation, who need special support services, as do their clinicians and clinics. I urge advocates, industry, and city/state/federal government leaders to come together to address the needs of this group. The most striking statistic is that 80% with diagnosed HIV in the USA are per 45 years old showing where the future will be for HIV+; and of course 50% are over 50 and 25% are over 65. Older aging HIV+ have on average 4-8 comorbid conditions & suffer polypharmacy taking 6-15 daily different medications & pills: Heart attack rates are much higher in HIV+, some studies showing 50% higher vs HIV-negatives; rates of kidney disease & cancers are much higher in older HIV+. Neurologic and cognitive impairment is substantial in HIV+ and worsens with aging. Depression rates are much higher among HIV+ vs HIV-negatives, and depression can worsen with aging in HIV+. Recent discussions around suicide in the general population raises our concerns about suicide among suffering older HIV+. Frailty & disability is higher in older HIV+ vs HIV-nagtove; so are bone disease, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and the fracture rates. In many cities older aging HIV+ are suffering social isolation, emotionally homebound. Many older aging HIV+ are cognitively impaired and have trouble navigating the healthcare system, as well the reimbursement squeeze on doctors & hospital HIV clinics have a detrimental affect on the quality of visits & time and attention doctors have for each patient. It is time for USA stakeholders to mount a large response to the aging problem !
from Jules: this EATG & HIV/Aging project started several years ago & has been ongoing since with serial broad based community participation at regular conferences to get to this point. Below is a link to the overall conference report pdf and to the various slide presentations at this most recent conference. You will see the project is a very broad based approach encompassing many problems beyond those who are over 60 years old who are NOW aging & older. The group of already aging & older who are now over 55-60 years old need services NOW & they. We need better research addressing the aging problem that incorporated "more patient-focused" issues, not just studies looking for anti-inflammatory drug interventions, none of which to date have been found to work in studies already conducted.
Quality of Life and Preventive Healthcare
Alfavito Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine, 3-6 May 2018,

The 3-day conference raised many policy, training and capacity requirements that can improve the health & well-being of people living and ageing with HIV and other morbidities.
The conference welcomed 97 participants from 28 countries in Europe and East Asia. It reached also a wide external audience, with over 5000 related posts on social media during the event.
The findings of this event, together with the outcomes of the two previous phases of the project, will be used by the EATG to inform policy & advocacy, scientific research, training and capacity building at the European level.
The 3-day conference raised many challenges and unmet needs that PLHIV in the age of 18-50 who have been on treatment for than 10 years face all around Europe.
The specific objectives of the Ageing with HIV project are:
• identify and raise awareness regarding unmet care needs for PLHIV/AIDS in a lifecycle perspective within the patients' community; healthcare providers, researchers and other key stakeholders'.
• increase the patients' community; healthcare providers and other key stakeholders' knowledge on HIV and Ageing medical and psychosocial related aspects in a lifecycle perspective.
• provide networking opportunities for establishing collaborative efforts to advocate for priorities in the HIV and ageing domain in life cycle perspective.
• provide a long term perspective of ageing with HIV across Europe.






The EATG organised a conference titled 'New challenges and unmet needs of people living and ageing with HIV/AIDS aged 18-50, Quality of Life and Preventive Healthcare' from 3 to 6 May 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The report and the recommendations from the conference are now available
All presentations from the conference can be found at:
Please view also a video summarizing some of the key messages: https://youtu.be/0_bn6fFwIvc
Join the discussion and sign-up for a webinar about the main outcomes for Policy, Science and Training on Thursday 12 July at 15:00 - 16:00 PM CET, presented by Mario Cascio, Giulio Maria Corbelli and Ann Isabelle von Lingen. They will be sharing their main learning outcomes, reflections and suggestions for the way forward. The webinar is moderated by Jackie Morton.
Registration for webinar
Please register by filling in an online form here:
https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2366035065737813506. After registering, you will receive an email with the link to connect to the webinar.
We invite you to please forward this email to all interested individuals and publicize the information via your networks.
For further information regarding the Ageing with HIV project or webinar registration please see https://www.ageingwithhiv.com/ or contact projects@eatg.org.
On behalf of the Ageing with HIV team,
Maria Dutarte
Project Manager
European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)
Place Raymond Blyckaerts 13
1050 Brussels, Belgium
Email: maria.dutarte@eatg.org/projects@eatg.org
Skype: eatg.maria.dutarte

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