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HIV+ Women's Issues
  Here are crucial real world issues affecting HIV+ women on a daily basis that does not get much attention, that needs attention from al - NIH, advocates, industry.
WIHS HIV+ Women - More falls, comorbidities, cognitive impairment, isolation/loneliness, self-stigma, detectable viral load; CDC Viral Suppression is Over Estimated in the USA - (01/29/18)
in this report - are links to a series of reports - first, is a CDC CROI 2017 presentation reporting lower rates of viral suppression in the USA and saying this is because other studies evaluate viral suppression based on one viral load test but the CDC data is based on longitudinal viral load testing. (1) several studies on WIHS women finding questionable viral load suppression & linking detectable viral load to higher rates of comorbidities rates & this to increased mortality; (2) more falls among WIHS women; (3) greater rates of cognitive impairment; (3) greater non adherence among WIHS women & linked to depression, loneliness, perceived lack of social support, isolation;
Cognitive trajectories over 4 years among HIV-infected women with optimal viral suppression - (01/29/18)
"Overall, global function, learning, memory, attention/working memory, and fluency continue to be vulnerabilities among HIV+ women, particularly among those who are virally suppressed. Future longer-term studies are needed to confirm these observed patterns and to investigate the neurobiological mechanisms underlying these findings."
"Cognitive difficulties remain among HIV+ women despite persistent viral suppression....Unexpectedly, VS women had worse scores in attention and fluency when performance was measured continuously compared to NVS women [no consistent viral suppression].....Although the underlying factors driving this pattern of results are unclear, it is possible that cART itself contributes to brain injury, perhaps through mitochondrial injury
Women & HIV: Women & HIV: Black Women in USA; trauma; childhood sex abuse; heart disease in HIV+ women - (03/29/12)
Trauma Drives HIV Epidemic in Women - (03/20/12)

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