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icon_person.gif Patient Assistance Programs for HCV Therapy from the Drug Manufacturers: Pegylated Interferon and ribavirin
If you cannot get reimbursement or coverage for pegylated interferon and ribavirin the manufacturers of pegylated interferon have reimbursement programs which supply free drugs if you qualify. These programs will first help you try to identify sources for reimbursement.
Schering makes Peg-Intron and ribavirin (Rebetol): Call 1-800-521-7157.
Roche makes Pegasys and ribavirin (Copegus): 1-800-387-1258.
New Pegasys Patient Assistance Program
has generous provisions for patients who want to start HCV therapy with Pegasys and are uninsured. Since Roche & Genentech merged the Genentech Access Solutions P rogram took over this program starting Sept 1 2010 and as I say it is a generous transparent program.
866 422-2377