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  International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease
March 20th - 24th 2009
Washington, DC
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Developing HBV/HCV Associated Liver Cancer At A Young Age < 40 Yrs Old
  Reported by Jules Levin
13th ISVHLD Wash DC 2009 March 21-25
from Jules: 10 years ago I warned that HCV/HIV coinfection was a serious problem and was being overlooked My warnings were not adequately heeded. Over the next several years HCV/HIV coinfection became the leading cause of death in HIV except in some cases for AIDS itself. Read these slides and you'll see how young people & HIV+ young people needlessly got HCV, liver cancer, because they weren't screened. Among HIV+ the problem is much worse because clearly HCV rates are very high in HIV+ and HIV can accelerate HCV progression, many people died needlessly. On top of that my requests years ago were ignored for HCV coinfection programs of education, screening, and support programs. In recent years more has been realized about this problem and more has been done but not nearly enough. I am sounding the same alarm regarding aging & HIV. I predict that the numbers of non-comorbidities and deaths as a result will start to explode in the near future, in several years. Unless researchers begin to start the proper research to address the proble. The problem is simple, HIV causes premature aging through we think immune activation, premature T-cell senescence, and inflammation, and this causes premature aging and frailty. The government, researchers, and drug companies MUST step up to the plate and starting discussing ways to address this soon!!!!