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A new priority for the ANRS: "HBV Cure"
"........any CURE of chronic hepatitis B will require elimination of cccDNA......cccDNA - HBV's largely unexplored persistence reservoir....." Jurgen Beck's talk see slide set in link above
"ANRS-CO22 HEPATHER Therapeutic options for hepatitis B and/or C: a French nationwide cohort study" see Fabrice Carrat's slide talk in link above
Fabien zoulim's slide talk, see below in link above, "The clinical needs for chronic hepatitis B - How can we define a cure for HBV ?"
Why a need for new antiviral targets ?
Current antivirals achieve viral suppression in the majority of patients
But the rate of cccDNA / HBsAg loss is very low
Life-long therapy needed
HBsAg clearance is associated with a lower risk of HCC development
--Treatment with finite duration if: cccDNA control or loss
--HBsAg loss
the 08/07/2014
The hepatitis B is a major public health problem with 250 million chronic carriers of the virus worldwide and 300,000 in France. Thanks to current antiviral treatments, it is now possible to obtain an HBV viral suppression (undetectable DNA) in the majority of patients and reduce the risk of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. But now the challenge is virologic cure. Therefore, the ANRS (France REcherche North & South Sida-hiv hepatitis), decided to make it one of the Agency's priorities and implementing coordinated Action 34 "HBV Cure".
Lead and unite
Founded in June 2014, the Coordinated Action (CA) 34 "HBV Cure" aims to promote and facilitate basic, translational and clinical about hepatitis B. Federating research actors in France will be one of the great challenges of this AC laboratories, researchers in the field of cell biology, genetics, bioinformatics, structural virology ... all these forces must be pooled in order to strengthen the competitiveness of French teams internationally and to achieve the eradication of hepatitis B infected individuals.
This AC is composed of a scientific committee composed of 35 members with as president Professor Fabien Zoulim (Inserm U1052, Cancer Research Center of Lyon). They will identify new therapeutic targets (virological and immunological targets) in order to prevent the complications of infection with hepatitis B improved antiviral treatments with the ultimate goal of eradicating the infection.
Each research project generated within that coordinated action will be tabled in the Call for Projects of the ANRS (twice a year) and will be evaluated by CSS4 Commissions (Basic research in viral hepatitis) and CCS7 (clinical and epidemiological research in the viral hepatitis) ANRS.
For more information, contact Alexandra Rohel, Project ANRS in charge of the coordination of HBV Cure program (alexandra.rohel@anrs.fr)
June 17, 2014: Information meeting "HBV Cure"
On 17 June 2014, a workshop, open to the hepatitis community, institutional and pharmaceutical companies, was held in Paris. This first animated meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the state of knowledge in basic and translational research.
You can view the presentations below (see link above to ANRS HBV Cure website

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