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HCV in Pakistan-2
  HCV in Pakistan....US based Pakistan doctors mark Hepatitis C Day....2-8% prevalence....9 mill with HCV ....5.6 mill with HBV
"more than 10 million Pakistani population is infected with Hepatitis C. For the past many years, more than 100,000 individuals die in Pakistan due to hepatitis C annually......every 1 in 10 individuals is affected by Hepatitis C.....countrywide prevalence estimate between 2.4 and 6.5%....Genotype distribution information was derived from three studies, which agreed that genotype 3 is the most prevalent genotype (208, 225, 245). The largest study included 3351 individuals from across the county and found the following genotypes: 1 [11.5% with 1a (8.3%) and 1b (3.0%)], 2 [8.4% with 2a (7.5%) and 2b (0.8%)], 3 [67.5% with 3a (49.1%) and 3b (17.7%)] (208). The smaller studies estimate genotype 3 at higher rates of 81.0-86.7% (225, 245), potentially because of the sampling. Similarly, however, genotype 1 was the next most prevalent, showing near agreement among all studies.....More than 50% of the cases were acquired in hospitals, pointing to nosocomial infections as the primary source of transmission.....risk factors: reuse of needles or syringes for injections (61.45%), surgeries and dental procedures (10.62%), blood transfusion or blood products (4.26%) and other causes including razor sharing and circumcision by barbers (3.9%)."
Pakistan has second highest rate of Hepatitis: WHO
Wednesday, August 08, 2012 - Islamabad-World Health Organization (WHO) has rated Pakistan as 2nd Country in the world having high rates of chronic infections. About 8.6 Million Pakistanis are affected with Hepatitis C, the WHO report said.
Hepatitis C is found worldwide and countries with high rates of chronic infection are Egypt (22% of population), Pakistan (4.8% of population) and China (3.2 % of population). The main mode of transmission in these countries is attributed to unsafe injection using contaminated equipment. Pakistan, is among the top syringe consuming countries where 2.4 billion syringes are used every year.
The use / reuse of suspect quality syringes is posing a serious threat to the life, safety and health of our masses / patients by spreading the menace of lethal infectious diseases like Hepatitis B & C in the country. More than 15 Million Pakistanis have already been affected by Hepatitis B & C mainly attributed to re-use / suspect quality syringes.
As a result, Pakistan has been declared a "Cirrhotic State" in international health circles. A good quality and expensive injection can also pose adverse reaction if it is administered through a substandard syringe.
Therefore, the main cause of Hepatitis in Pakistan is mainly reuse of syringe and use of substandard syringe.
Ministry of Health (MoH) has recently regulated the syringe industry and promulgated rules and regulations but the said rules are yet to be implemented in true letter and spirit.
The facts lamented by WHO are quite alarming and Drug Regulatory Agency of Pakistan should take necessary steps to control the spread of Hepatitis in the Country, doctors and NGOs have warned. -INP
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