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HCV & the Affordable Care Act, New HCV Study Results, HCV Cascade of Care, Undiagnosed HCV, Access to Care Barriers, Quality of Life for HCV+, HCV+ & HIV/HCV Coinfected Die 20 Years Earlier, more....
  Potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act on the clinical practice of hepatology - (05/05/14)
Hepatology May 2014
Jayant A. Talwalkar1,2,3
From the 1Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; 2Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester,
MN; and 3William J. von Liebig Transplant Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
EASL: New DAA Phase 3 Studies for genotype 1 at EASL - in both Treatment-naives, treatment-experienced; simultaneous publications - (04/21/14)
HCV Cascade of Care for mono & HIV coinfected - (05/09/14)
DDW: The Tip of an Iceberg - Who Is Known to Have Hepatitis C? - 'majority remain undiagnosed, especially in younger men outside the birth cohort....birth-cohort & risk based screening needed.....30-49 age.....88-65% remain undiagnosed....less than 33% overall were diagnosed with HCV.....prevalence 1-3.3%' - (05/08/14)
DDW: Bridging the Gap between HCV Screening and Access to Care: Insights from National Health and Nutrition HCV Follow-up Study, 2001-2010 - (05/08/14)
About 50% of patients did not know of their HCV positive status before notification. About 80% had seen a doctor or had an upcoming appointment regarding their test results. Factors associated with patients not having pursued further care after notification included having no insurance, IV drug use, smoking, not having a consistent source of obtaining their medical care, an increasing family size, living below poverty index ratio and living in the US for less than 10 years. Individuals who pursued further care were more knowledgeable regarding transmission and health related complications of HCV infection
DDW: Quality of Life, Productivity, and Activity Impairment Among US Survey Respondents With Hepatitis C: An Evaluation of HCV and Six Select Medical Conditions - (05/06/14)
HCV/Coinfection in NYC-HCV+ Die 20 Yrs Earlier/HCV Among HIV+ MSM Tripled - (05/12/14)
Curing Chronic Hepatitis C - The Arc of a Medical Triumph - (05/12/14)
DDW: Comorbid Conditions Associated with Decision-Making Regarding Treating or Not Treating Chronic Hepatitis C in a Large U.S. Health Maintenance Organization - (05/07/14)
DDW: Resource Utilization During Hepatitis C Treatment With Boceprevir- or Telaprevir-Based Triple Therapy vs Dual Therapy In A Large Health Maintenance Organization - (05/05/14)
DDW: Low treatment rates and suboptimal treatment completion rates to HCV therapy: A real world analysis of a large US cohort - (05/05/14)
Impact of New Hepatitis C Treatments in Different Regions of the World - (05/02/14)
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EASL - The International Liver Congress 2014 49th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver
London, United Kingdom
April 9-13
DDW - Digestive Disease Week 2014
May 4, 2014, Chicago
Illinois, United States
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