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  20th International AIDS Conference
July 20-25, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
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IAC Plenary on HIV/Aging & NATAP Reports on HIV/Aging-Complications / HCV /Activation / Inflammation/Kidney/Anal Cancer-HSIL clearance/COPD/Neuro-Cognitive Disorders
AND Below are IAC NATAP Reports on
Aging/HCV/Complications/Activation/Inflammation/Renal-Kidney/ Cognitive-Neuro Disorders/COPD/ Anal Cancer-HSIL Clearance
Reported by Jules Levin, NATAP
Disentangling biological aging, the inflammatory effects of long term HIV infection and adverse effects of ART...... P. Reiss, Netherlands (from Jules: a very nice presentation by Peter Reiss) http://pag.aids2014.org/flash.aspx?pid=1562
Prospective Age/HIV cohort in Amsterdam that Reiss discussed - Comorbidity and ageing with HIV A prospective comparative cohort study.....Judith Schouten Amsterdam.....http://www.natap.org/2012/IAS/IAS_55.htm
Lonk to article in Cell Reiss refers to " Hallmarks of Aging" by Lopez-Otin....http://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(13)00645-4
pdf attached at top of this article
ABSTRACT: Aging is characterized by a progressive loss of physiological integrity, leading to impaired function and increased vulnerability to death. This deterioration is the primary risk factor for major human pathologies, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. Aging research has experienced an unprecedented advance over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes conserved in evolution. This Review enumerates nine tentative hallmarks that represent common denominators of aging in different organisms, with special emphasis on mammalian aging. These hallmarks are: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication. A major challenge is to dissect the interconnectedness between the candidate hallmarks and their relative contributions to aging, with the final goal of identifying pharmaceutical targets to improve human health during aging, with minimal side effects.
20th International AIDS Conference
July 20-25, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
--------------------- HCV- 2 Coinfection studies:
IAC: All-Oral Therapy with Sofosbuvir Plus Ribavirin for the Treatment of HCV Genotype 1, 2,3 and 4 Infection in Patients Coinfected with HIV (PHOTON-2) (07/21/14)
IAC: Abbvie 3D Regimen in HCV Genotype 1-Infected Patients on Methadone or Buprenorphine (07/21/14)
IAC: Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir is Safe and Effective as a Single-Tablet-Regimen for Treatment of Patients with Genotype 1 Chronic Hepatitis C Virus, Including those with Compensated Cirrhosis - (07/25/14)
IAC: SAPPHIRE-II Subgroup Analysis: ABT-450/r/Ombitasvir (ABT-267), Dasabuvir (ABT-333), and Ribavirin Regimen Achieves High Sustained Virologic Response Rates 12 Weeks Post-treatment in Treatment-experienced Patients With Chronic HCV GT 1 Infection, Regardless of Baseline Characteristics - (07/25/14)
IAC: SAPPHIRE-I Subpopulation Analysis: ABT-450/r/Ombitasvir (ABT-267), Dasabuvir (ABT-333), and Ribavirin Regimen Achieves High Sustained Virologic Response Rates 12 Weeks Post-treatment in Treatment-naïve Patients With Chronic HCV GT 1 Infection, Regardless of Baseline Characteristics - (07/25/14)
IAC: Low Frequency of Anemia in Phase 3 Trials of ABT-450/r/ABT-267 and ABT-333 With Ribavirin in Treatment-naïve (SAPPHIRE-I) and Treatment-experienced (SAPPHIRE-II) Patients - (07/25/14)
IAC: Inflammation/Activation Markers Drop With ATV, DRV, RAL, But Not Completely - ACTG Study - (07/23/14)......results at week 96 indicated incomplete control of inflammation and immune activation with these standard regimens.
IAC: Diminished Physical Function in Older HIV+ Adults Despite Successful Antiretroviral Therapy - (07/28/14)......Gait Speed in Older HIV Group Not Fast Enough to Cross Street Safely
IAC: Monocyte activation markers remain significantly elevated in virologically suppressed HIV+ individuals to a level equivalent to an additional 4 years of normal ageing (07/30/14)......Activation Marker Levels With Undetectable Viral Load Match Those of Uninfected People 4 Years Older -
IAC: Higher One-Year Risk of CVD or Diabetes Per BMI Unit Gained on ART - written by Mark Mascolini - (07/23/14)
IAC: Treatment with the histone deacetylase inhibitor Panobinostat markedly reduces chronic inflammation in HIV-infected patients (07/29/14)
IAC: COPD Rate 7% in Global HIV Cohort--Half With COPD Never Smoked
IAC: Comparing the incidence and identifying risk factors for nephrolithiasis among patients exposed to atazanavir, other PIs and PI-free regimens - (07/25/14)
IAC: Obesity Doubles Chances of More Inflammation and Monocyte Activation With HIV - (07/28/14)
IAC: Neurocognitive Disorder Rates Differ by US vs Local Standards in Australian MSM - (07/25/14)......Predictors of Neurocognitive Decline and Rebound in US CHARTER Group.......Longer ART, Better CD4 Gain Protect From Neurocognitive Decline in ACTG Analysis
IAC: Inflammatory Cytokine/IL-10 Ratios Tied to Regional Brain Atrophy With HIV
IAC: Prevalence of and progression to abnormal non-invasive markers of liver disease (APRI and FIB-4) among US HIV-infected youth......Liver Markers Worse in Youth With Than Without HIV and Climb Over Time - (07/21/14)
IAC: Incidence and clearance of anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) in HIV positive and HIV negative homosexual men (07/25/14).......Anal Cancer Precursor More Common in HIV+ Than HIV- MSM; Clearance Rate High
IAC: Efavirenz Not Tied to Neurocognitive Impairment in Large Single-Center Study
IAC: Real-World Adherence among Patients Receiving Single versus Multiple Tablet Regimens for HIV-1 Infection, and Associations between Adherence and Viral Suppression: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta- Analysis (07/29/14)
IAC: Cost-Effectiveness of Single versus Multiple Tablet Regimens for Treatment of HIV-1 Infection in the US (07/29/14)
IAC: Do Single Tablet Regimens Translate into More Durable HIV Treatments? Evidence from the Canadian Observational Cohort (CANOC) (07/29/14)
IAC: Tenofovir(TFV), Emtricitabine(FTC), Intracellular Metabolite, and Endogenous Nucleotide (EN) Concentrations as a Function of Aging in HIV+ Subjects - (07/28/14)
IAC: Week 144 Renal Safety of Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF (STB) from Two Phase 3 Randomized Controlled Trials - (07/28/14)
IAC: Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF (STB) in HIV-Infected Patients with Mild to Moderate Renal Impairment - (07/28/14)