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2016 Congressional Spending Bill: "expand services that address prescription drug abuse and heroin use in high-risk communities"
Targeted Capacity Expansion.-The agreement provides $36,303,000 for Targeted Capacity Expansion activities. The agreement provides $25,000,000, an increase of $13,000,000, to expand services that address prescription drug abuse and heroin use in high-risk communities. The funding provided will increase the number of States that receive funding from 11 to 22, and SAMHSA should target States with the highest rates of admissions and that have demonstrated a dramatic increase in admissions for the treatment of opioid use disorders. The United States has seen a 500 percent increase in admissions for treatment for prescription drug abuse since 2000. Moreover, according to a recent study, 28 States saw an increase in admissions for treatment for heroin dependence during the past two years. The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment is directed to include as an allowable use medication-assisted treatment and other clinically appropriate services to achieve and maintain abstinence from all opioids and heroin and prioritize treatment regimens that are less susceptible to diversion for illicit purposes.
Since the passage of the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000, SAMHSA has led the nation in educating physicians, patients and treatment systems on the use of medication-assisted treatment. To keep pace with advancements in science and research, the agreement directs SAMHSA to update all of its public-facing information and treatment locators such that all evidence-based innovations in counseling, recovery support, and abstinence-based relapse prevention medication-assisted treatments are fully incorporated.
Combating Opioid Abuse.-The agreement provides $12,000,000 for discretionary grants to States to prevent opioid overdose-related deaths. This program will help States equip and train first responders with the use of deviees that rapidly reverse the effects of opioids. SAMHSA is directed to ensure applicants outline how proposed activities in the grant would work with treatment and recovery communities in addition to first responders. Furthermore, the agreement provides $10,000,000 for the Strategie Prevention Framework Rx program to increase awareness of opioid abuse and misuse in communities. SAMHSA shall collaborate with CDC to implement the most effective outreach strategy and to reduce duplication of activities.

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