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Higher CMV Antibody Concentrations are Associated with Older Age and Worse Neurocognitive Performance in Adults Living with HIV Disease
  Reported by Jules Levin 7th Aging & HIV Workshop, Wash DC Sept 26-27 2016
Ajay Bharti, Scott Letendre, Barbara Hanson, Donald Franklin, Steven Woods, Sara Gianella Weibel, Michelli Faria de Oliveira, Robert Heaton, Igor Grant, Alan L. Landay, and Nell Lurain for the CHARTER Group
"Those with the highest quartile of CMV IgG had a higher rate of cognitive decline"
"Cognitive abilities associated with anti-CMV IgG: Delayed recall, Speed of information processing, Learning"
"Older Age and Lower Nadir CD4+ T-Cell Counts Correlated with Higher Anti-CMV IgG Levels"
"Among those with detectable HIV RNA in CSF, higher anti-CMV IgG in serum correlated with higher HIV RNA in CSF and higher CSF WBC counts (p=0.006)"
"T-Cell Activation Does Not Normalize During ART and CMV-Specific T-Cell Activation is Linked to Vascular Disease"