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Breaking HCV Drug Pricing News
  I am hearing through reliable sources that HCV DAA drug pricing is in the process now of being offered in the ballpark of $20,000 to Medicaids from some companies. On top of this, although I am unsure about this, but its possible that an additional 23% Medicaid rebate could reduce the price further.
Either way, $20,000 is a price that should allow ALL Medicaids to lift ALL restrictions, and there should be pressure put on state Medicaid officials to do this.
This is to notify all of you to expect that this may be coming & that affected communities & individuals should be contacting & communicating with their State Officials about this.
At this price ALL restrictions should be lifted and comprehensive "HCV Test & Treat", HCV eradication, and HCV screening & linkage to care programs should be implemented. At this price there is no excuse for government officials not to implement projects to Eradicate HCV in the USA.
Jules Levin

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