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The Changing Face of the Hepatitis C Epidemic New York
State (Excluding NYC) - new HCV Case Reports Increased for Young IDUs & Females
  September 26, 2016
Reported by Jules Levin, NATAP
from Jules: IMPORTANT to bear in mind this study looks at new HCV Case reports, so although new HCV infections are being reported in 2015 in greater numbers for young IDUs and for females, these are not numbers of total HCV prevalence in NYS. This study also importantly reflects the increasing problem among females contracting HCV in young child-bearing ages where HCV screening programs for them are lacking but needed, AND for children born to mothers in high-risk groups, we do not ave education & screening programs for these important groups either.


from Jules: keep in mind, these are reported cases / "case reports". Real numbers of HCV infection & prevalence are not available or known because it is widely recognized that there is no funding for this research from the federal govt so it is widely accepted all reported HCV prevalence numbers & incidence are underestimates. I estimate 8 million with HCV in the USA while CDC estimates 3 million & other published reports expanded that to 5 million, but none of these consider immigrant populations with HCV and IDUs numbers re in my opinion underestimated as well.


Increase New Case Reports for Young
from Jules: you will note that in 2005 new HCV "case reports" mostly occurred around age group 4-60. And even in 2012 you see increases in younger groups 18-36, BUT in 2015 you see new "Case Reports" increased (doubled) for young age groups 2-32.


from Jules: NYS reports higher "new "Case Reports" [gray bar] for youngest group 20-39.....FEMALES: this graph depicts the trend seen in Kentucky, Philadelphia & by the CDC where among young females new case reports for HCV-infection is increasing which in turn is increasing the risk for mother-to-child HCV transmission AND thusly we should be screening women of Child-Bearing Age and there is a failure to rest & identify perinatally infected children: Prenatal screening for HCV is not routine.....American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends HCV screening for pregnant women who have risk factors such as a history of injection drug use (IDU) and/or HIV infection, many patients remain unidentified using risk-based testing criteria
CDC, Severe Increase in for mother-to-child transmission of HCV - (07/26/16)
Women & HCV - Screen & Treat Early / Screen Pregnant Women to Prevent Transmission to Children / Philadelphia Report - (09/23/16)
Failure to Test and Identify Perinatally Infected Children Born to Hepatitis C-Positive Women - (01/27/16).....8,119 females (12-54 years) were HCV-positive and in the Hepatitis Registry. Of these, 500 (5%) had delivered ≥1 child, accounting for 537 (1%) of the 55,623 children born in Philadelphia during the study period. Eighty-four (16%) of these children had HCV testing 







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