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  16th European AIDS Conference
October 25-27 2017
Milan, Italy
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EU Patient Experience and Views on Antiretroviral Treatment:
Findings From the Positive Perspectives Study



BUT in this initial poster at IAS among HIV+ over 50 age - 63% had 3+ comorbidities compared to 15% among those aged 18-34 -  average number of comorbidities was 5.4 vs 3.8 for those under 35 age, and in addition to these 3 - depression, anxiety, & hepatitis also very common were sleep disorder (32%), high cholesterol (36%), high blood pressure (36%), drug addiction (15%), diabetes (15%), cancer (12%), heart disease (14%), osteoporosis (13%), of note osteoarthritis (12%), GI disease (20%. 
from Jules: this study reports - stigma prevails: high self-stigma, depression & poor mental health/anxiety, little support
IAS: Experience of Living With HIV: Diagnosis and Disclosure - Findings From the Positive Perspectives Study - self-stigma is high, 63% of older HIV+ have 3+ Comorbidities - (08/02/17) 


Reported by Jules Levin
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