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DAA Cure Denied
  from Jules: these studies are reporting - see charts and tables below - that despite states & commercial payers saying they removed restrictions this is not aligned with these study findings - see table just below - that states reduced restrictions where states say there are no restrictions like NY for example the study data reports treatment start rates are only 51% in NY. In addition even when a patient has F3/F4 advanced disease where a state is saying they are covering this this study is reporting increased deals in access in these states. See table below - the study reports 34% with F3/F4 are not starting therapy. Patients with F0-F2 64% are not starting therapy. The researchers appear to be saying these denials are generally after full compliance with Prior Authorizations requests, and are not because a patient may have a drug history or using drugs. This, one can only conclude that these study results suggest despite states’ medicaids & commercial payers say they are covering & providing drugs and that they lifted restrictions apparently they have NOT. These studies appear to have run through Dec 2016 so apparently this is pretty current, when you would expect to not see such high levels of access denied and non-starts of treatment.
AASLD: Cure denied and cure delayed in Chronic Hepatitis C; monitoring non-start rates and increased time to start using real-world data from the TRIO Network - (11/20/17)
AASLD: Access to HCV Care for 31,154 Patients in the United States Real-world experience from the TRIO Network - (11/20/17)




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