icon-folder.gif   Conference Reports for NATAP  
  18th International Workshop on
Clinical Pharmacology of Antiviral Therapy
June 14-17, 2017
Chicago, Ill.C
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The Effect of Food on the Pharmacokinetics of the HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor Temsavir, the Active Moiety of the Prodrug Fostemsavir
HIV Combinectin GSK3732394: A Long-Acting Inhibitor With Multiple Modes of Action - (10/30/16)
http:// - (11/02/16)
HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor Prodrug BMS-663068 [GSK3684934 (formerly BMS-663068)] in Antiretroviral-Experienced Subjects: Week 96 Subgroup Analysis - (10/30/16)
Pharm Wk: Early Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic Profile of GSK2838232, a Novel 2nd Generation HIV Maturation Inhibitor, as Assessed in Healthy Subjects
 - (06/20/17)
Reported by Jules Levin
18th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of Antiviral Therapy; June 14-16, 2017; Chicago, IL
Heather Sevinsky,1Mindy Magee,2Peter Ackerman,3Amol Tendolkar,4Blisse Vakkalagadda,4Susan Lubin,4Elsa Myers,4Wende Wu,5Cyril Llamoso,3Timothy Eley5 1ViiV Healthcare, Upper Providence, PA; 2GlaxoSmithKline, Upper Merion, PA; 3ViiV Healthcare, Wallingford, CT; 4Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hopewell, NJ; 5Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, NJ