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  9th International
Workshop on HIV and Aging
13 and 14 September 2018
New York City, NY
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Aging and Falls & Fractures in HIV+
  Here are a few select studies - I selected just a few that portray part of the problem with HIV+ & Aging:
1 - older HIV+ are experiencing increasingly higher rates of frailty particularly as they get older, 1 Italian study found 63% frailty in over 65 HIV+, other studies find 15-20% but frailty rates in HIV+ are much higher than in HIV-neg, particularly as they age,
2- frailty increases risk for falls & thus features: HIV+ have a much higher fall rate & fracture rate - one study of men below show 50% of older HIV+ men in MACS had at least 1 fall,
3- this same phenomenon occurs to WIHS women too,
4 - history of drug use & current use of certain drugs lie anti-depressants & antihistamines increases cognitive impairment in older HIV+ and thus doctors may be over prescribing or using these meds without understanding these risks.
5 - it is well accepted in general population that a fall & fracture after age 65 is very hard if not impossible to fully recover from and very often leads to horrible quality of life and premature death. Jules
Older Men HIV+ Over 60 in MACS: 50% had a fall - this is double seen in HIV-neg older men which is 20%......AND HIV+ who are taking MORE medications are more likely to fall.....The Impact of Number of Medications on Falls in Aging Persons Living with HIV - every increase in 1 medication increased risk by 10% for a fall - "50, the new 65?" - (09/17/18) and this study also reports certain types of non ART medications cause cognitive impairment; which increases odds of falls. HIV doctors are "over" prescribing these drugs !!!!
AGE: Falls Among Older Men With or at Risk for HIV Infection - (09/25/18)


Men in ACTG Study: men age 51 with <50 copies viral load - 25% had a fall whether frail or not AND those who were frail - 50% who were frail had ! or MORE falls.
AGE: Frailty and the Risk of Falls in HIV-Infected Older Adults in the ACTG A5322 Study - (09/19/18)
63% of men over 65 were frail:
AGE: 63% Frail at 65 Years Old-Itlalian Study/NEW HIV Index+Protective Index / HIV-related and social frailty predictors and protectors in 1612-person Italian cohort - (09/19/18)
WOMEN IN WIHS 40 years old - FRAILTY DOUBLES FRACTURE RATE....Ever opiate or cocaine use was also associated with increased risk
AGE: Frailty Predicts Fractures Among HIV-infected and Uninfected Women: Results from the Women's Interagency HIV Study - (09/17/18)