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  The International Liver Congress™
EASL - European Association for the
Study of the Liver
Paris France
11-15 April 2018
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Z-PROFILE: Real-world utilization and effectiveness of elbasvir/grazoprevir in adult patients with chronic hepatitis C in Canada
  Reported by Jules Levin
EASL 2018 April 11-15 Paris France
B. Conway1, E. Tam2, J. Tremblay3, C. Fraser4, A. Ramji5, S. Borgia6, K. Tsoi7, E. Yoshida8, B. Rajendran9, K. Stewart10, G. Macphail11, B. Trottier12, P. Ghali13, J. Halsey-Brandt14 and J.B. Trepanier14 1 Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, BC, Canada; 2 LAIR Centre, BC, Canada; 3 Centre Sida Amitie, QC, Canada; 4 The Cool Aid Community Health Centre, BC, Canada; 5 GI Research Institute (GIRI), Gastroenterology Division, BC, Canada; 6 William Osler Health System, ON, Canada; 7 St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, ON, Canada; 8 Vancouver General Hospital, BC, Canada; 9 The Peterborough Clinic, ON, Canada; 10 Saskatchewan Infectious Disease Care Network, SK, Canada; 11 Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS), AB, Canada; 12 Clinique medicale du Quartier Latin, QC, Canada; 13 McGill University Health Center, QC, Canada; 14 Merck Canada Inc., Kirkland, QC, Canada.