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  The Liver Meeting
Boston MA
November 2019
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Combination treatment of liver-targeted HBV locked nucleic acid antisense oligonucleotide and TLR7 agonist RO7020531 leads to a prolonged off-treatment anti-viral effect in the AAV-HBV mouse model
  AASLD-2018: TLR7 agonist RO7020531 triggers immune activation after multiple doses in chronic hepatitis B patients
AASLD 2019 Nov 8-12 Boston
Reported by Jules Levin
Julie Blaising1,2, YoujunYu2, XueZhou2, LykkePedersen3, Steffen Wildum1, SørenOttosen3, Cynthia Wat4, Lu Gao2and Henrik Mueller1
1Roche Innovation Center Basel, Basel, Switzerland; 2. Roche Innovation Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China; 3. Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen, Hørsholm, Denmark; 4. Roche Products Ltd, Welwyn, United Kingdom