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GP perceptions of liver disease; HIV & Fatty Liver/NASH
NASH Diagnosis and Management in General Practice
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EACS: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a significant predictor of cardiovascular risk in HIV-mono-infected patients (12/04/19)
A gathering storm: HIV infection and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in low and middle-income countries
- (05/24/19).....HIV-associated risk factors for NAFLD are related to ART and lipodystrophy.......Reported prevalence of NAFLD and NASH in HIV ranged from 26-65 and 31-72%, respectively.....Approximately 25-30% of HIV-negative individuals with NAFLD develop NASH [8]. In HIV-positive individuals, however, the severity both at initial presentation and that of progression is higher [30]. Although there are limited data available on histopathological correlation, in a cohort of HIV-positive individuals (91% on ART) with biopsy-proven NAFLD, the prevalence of NASH was 65% and the majority had fibrosis
EACS: Fibrosis, Steatosis, and NAFLD Boost Odds of Frailty in HIV Group (11/13/19)
Tesamorelin, liver fat, and NAFLD in the setting of HIV - Comment / Tesamorelin Prevented Progression to Liver Fibrosis in NIH Study - (10/25/19)......In people living with HIV on ART, the prevalence of NAFLD is higher (26-65%)3 and they can have more severe clinical and biochemical manifestations and a faster rate of liver fibrosis progression.4
Fatty Liver in HIV+
Fatty Liver in HIV
Fatty Liver, NAFLD, NASH Definitions -
CROI: FATTY LIVER DISEASE: A GROWING CONCERN - (04/12/17) a plenary talk by noted fatty liver expert Rohit Loomba from UCSD
CROI: Changes in Liver Fibrosis and Steatosis in HIV Mono-Infected patients over 24 months - 50% have fatty liver at average age of 46 - (03/28/17)
CROI:LIVER STEATOSIS AND FIBROSIS IN AT-RISK EUROPEAN HIV-MONOINFECTED PATIENTS - 64% with steatosis among those who had elevated LFTs and/or metabolic syndrome and/or lipodystrophy - (03/28/17)
GP perceptions of liver disease
NASH Diagnosis and Management in General Practice
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Winyates Health Centre, United Kingdom
European workshop on NASH in Clinical Practice
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