HCV Testing and Diagnosis and their relationship to STI Screening and New Infections in a HIV+ MSM Outpatient Cohort - Syphilis, Gonorrhea Tied to HCV in MSM and Trans Women With HIV
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October 3 -7, 2019
San Francisco, CA
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Population Pharmacokinetic (PPK) Modeling and Simulation of Long-Acting (LA) Cabotegravir (CAB) to Inform Strategies Following Dosing Interruptions in HIV-1 Infected Subjects
  ID Week 2019
October 2-6, 2019; Washington, DC
Reported by Jules Levin
Kelong Han,1Mark Baker,2Parul Patel,2David Margolis,2William Spreen,2Katy Moore,2Susan L. Ford3 1GlaxoSmithKline, Collegeville, PA; 2ViiV Healthcare, Research Triangle Park, NC; 3GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, NC