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22st International
Workshop Co-morbidities
and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV
Monday 30th Nov - Friday 4th Dec 2020
Virtual Workshop
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Faster decline in lung function in treated HIV-positive vs.
HIV negative AGEhIVcohort participants independent of smoking behavior

  virtual 22nd International Workshop on Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV Nov 30-Dec 4 2020
Reported by Jules Levin
SebastiaanO. Verboeket, Anders Boyd, Ferdinand W. Wit, Eveline Verheij, Maarten F. Schimvan der Loeff, NeeltjeKootstra, Marc van der Valk, ReindertP. van Steenwijk, M. Bradley Drummond, Greg D. Kirk, Peter Reiss
HIV+ smokers had a faster decline vs. HIV- smokers and indeed HIV+ non-smokers had a faster decline vs. HIV- non-smokers
Faster lung functon decline was associated with higher CRP levels in HIV+ participants. Question remains if there is causality, does HIV cause faster decline?
Faster lung function decline may for example be due to more frequent pulmonary infections, which also causes high CRP levels. But it might also be general increased inflammation as associated with HIV-infection.