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  HIV Glasgow 2020, 5-8 October
Virtual Meeting
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Prevalence of pain in women living with HIV aged 45-60: associated factors and impact on patient-reported outcomes
  "After adjustment, peri-menopausal status, current smoking, the number of medical conditions and longer duration of HIV were independently associated with increased pain"
Glasgow 2020 Oct 5-8 virtual
Reported by Jules Levin
Caroline A Sabin1, Hajra Okhai1, Rageshri Dhairyawan2, Katharina Haag1, Fiona Burns1, Richard Gilson1, Lorraine Sherr1, Shema Tariq1
1. Institute for Global Health, UCL, London; 2. Dept. Infection and Immunity, BartsHealth NHS Trust, UK.




References: 1. Sabin CA, et al. AIDS2018; 32: 2697-2706. 2. SchnallR et al. Menopause2018; 25: 744-752.
Funding and ethics: This work is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (PDF-2014-07-071). It has Research Ethical Approval from the South East Coast-Surrey Research Ethics Committee on behalf of all NHS sites (REF 15/0735). Acknowledgements: Thank you to all our participants, and our recruiting clinical sites. Contact: c.sabin@ucl.ac.uk