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NYS New Cases HCV Report 2017/ Here the story is
young white injectors & HCC Death Rates Still High
  NYS New Cases Hepatitis C
Figures 2.4a-c display the number of hepatitis C cases newly reported during 2008, 2012, and 2017 by sex and birth year. A similar trend can be observed for both males and females. During 2008, 67% of reported cases were in baby boomers (persons born 1945-1965), and 15% were in persons aged 15-35 years. During 2012, 53% of cases were in baby boomers, and 28% were in persons aged 15-35. By 2017, more cases were reported in the younger ages than in the baby boomers. Only 32% of reported cases were in baby boomers during 2017, while the proportion of cases in persons aged 15-35 years of age had increased to 43%.
During 2017, 8,280 cases of hepatitis C were reported to the NYSDOH, including 201 acute cases (2%) and 8,079 newly reported chronic cases (98%). Demographic characteristics of hepatitis C cases are in Table 2.1. Sixty-one percent of cases were among males. For both sexes, the largest number of cases, and the highest case rates, were in persons aged 20–39 years of age. Although persons born during 1945-1965 ("baby boomers"; age 52-72 years) have historically been considered to have the highest rates of hepatitis C infection, during 2017, rates of newly reported cases among baby boomers was 88.6/100,000 persons, compared with 147.1/100,000 persons among those aged 20-29 years.
Race was unknown or missing for 31% of cases. Where race was reported, 79% of cases were among white persons. Ethnicity was unknown or missing for 55% of cases. Where ethnicity was known, 87% of cases were among non-Hispanic persons.
Five hundred hepatitis C cases were newly reported in DOCCS inmates (6% of all cases), and were typically identified upon intake screening. Sixty-three cases were identified in female inmates, and 437 in male inmates. Cases in DOCCS inmates are excluded from the following geographic analyses (region and county).
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