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Cardiovascular Risk Estimation is Sub-optimal Across Two HIV Cohort
  "Cardiovascular risk prediction functions developed for the general population are not uniformly transportable to PLWH, and their performance further differs among PLWH by sex and health care system where care is received. The results underscore the need for both HIV-specific and sex-specific functions to ensure equity in the delivery of preventative care."
IAC 2020 July 6-10
Reported by Jules Levin
Virginia A. Triant1,2, Asya Lyass3, Leo B. Hurley4, Leila H. Borowsky5, Rachel Q. Ehrbar6, Michael J. Silverberg4, Joseph M. Massaro6, Ralph B. D’Agostino, Sr.3 1Division of General Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA; 2Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 3Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University, MA 4Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research, Oakland, CA; 5Division of General Internal Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 6Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Boston University