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  18th European AIDS Conference
October 27th-30th, 2021
Online & United Kingdom
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The potential clinical impact of the observed differences
in IL-6, a marker of inflammation, associated with
some antiretroviral regimens

  EACS 2021 Oct 27-30
S. Serrano Villar1, C. Cohen2, J. Baker3, M. João Janeiro4, F. Aragao4, K. Melbourne2, J. Gonzalez5, L. Lara5, C. Kim2, S. Moreno1
1Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Infectious Diseases, Madrid, Spain, 2Gilead Sciences Inc, HIV Medical Affairs, Foster City, United States, 3University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States, 4Maple Health Group, New York, United States, 5Gilead Sciences Inc, HIV Medical Affairs, Madrid, Spain