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Life Expectancy for PLWH: disparities for Blacks,
Women; Frailty High Rates in MACS, Physical Impairments
by Age Worsen; Cognitive Impairment in Older PLWH
  In this large cohort of individuals with HIV infection and matched uninfected adults with access to health care in the US, we found a 9.1-year difference in overall life expectancy from 2011 to 2016, and the difference was smaller (6.8 years) for individuals with HIV infection who initiated ART at high CD4 cell counts - 500 or 350.
From 2000 to 2003, the expected number of comorbidity-free years remaining at 21 years of age was 11.3 years for individuals with HIV infection and 26.6 years for uninfected adults, corresponding to a difference of 15.3 years (95% CI, 13.9-16.6 years) (Figure 1).




Death Rates Increase Along With Increasing Numbers of Comorbidities
Multimorbidity and risk of death differs by gender in people living with HIV in the Netherlands - the ATHENA cohort study


Excess Black Deaths PLWH & Higher Morbidity - (12/23/21)
Sex and race disparities in premature mortality among people with HIV: a 21-year observational cohort study - Premature Mortality Higher in Women and Blacks in US HIV Group - (10/01/21)



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