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Clinical features and outcomes of COVID-19 among people living with HIV in the United States: A multicenter study from a large global health research network (TriNetX) - PWH had higher rates of poor COVID outcomes
  01 June 2021 - open access -
Conclusion:. PWH had higher rates of poor COVID-19 outcomes but were not more at risk of death than non-HIV infected counterparts Older age and low CD4 count predicted adverse outcomes.
Results: Of 297,194 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1638 (0.6%) were HIV-infected, with > 83% on antiretroviral therapy (ART) and 48% virally suppressed. Overall, PWH were more commonly younger, male, African American or Hispanic, had more comorbidities, were more symptomatic, and had elevated procalcitonin and interleukin 6. Mortality at 30 days was comparable between the two groups (2.9% vs 2.3%; p=0.123); however, PWH had higher rates hospitalization (16.5% vs 7.6%, p<0.001), ICU admissions (4.2% vs 2.3%, p<0.001) and mechanical ventilation (2.4% vs 1.6%, p<0.005). Among PWH, hospitalization was independently associated with male gender, being African American, integrase inhibitor use and low CD4 count; whereas severe disease was predicted by older age [adjusted odds ratio (aOR) 8.33, 95% confidence interval (CI) (1.06, 50.00); p=0.044] and CD4 <200 cells/mm 3 [aOR, 8.33, 95% CI (1.06, 50.00); p=0.044].

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