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  11th IAS Conference on HIV Science 18-21 July 2021
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Higher comorbidity and co-medication burden in women and young people living with HIV
  IAS 2021 July 18-21
Princy Kumar, MID,
Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA
"Among men & women multimorbidity & polypharmacy prevalence was signifcantly higher in HIV+ vs non-HIV cohort for most age groups". But, you see just below in graph that women with HIV had higher rates of mutimorbidity than HIV+ men with the highest rates 76% to 84% among 60-69 & 70+. HIV+ women also had higher multimorbidity rates than women without HIV for BOTH younger ages groups (18-39 & 40-49) and older age groups (60-69 & 70+). Women with HIV also had higher rates of polypharmacy than HIV+ men & HIV- women & men.


from Jules: first, you will note in the Results slide 1 PLWH had greater mutimorbidity compared to HIV- (51% vs 42%), and similarly for polypharmacy (76% vs 61%). You will note in the 2nd Results slide when looking at this by age group the greater prevalence occurred for all age groups including youngest 18-39 & 70+ similarly but its noteworthy that the biggest margin between HIV+ & HIV- was in the youngest groups 18-39 & 4049 as found also in the WIHS study. In this slide PLWH had higher rates of multimorbidity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, particularly neuropsychiatric, chronic kidney disease, substance abuse, GI disorder, cancer, and liver disease, and polypharmacy. see slide because some were not significant statistically. The nest slide looked at gender for HIV+ vs HIV-. Both men (48.5% vs 39.3%) & women (59.4% vs 52.9%) with HIV had higher rates of multimorbidity. Women had higher rates of hypertension than HIV+ men & HIV- women. Women with HIV of note had higher kidney disease rates than HIV+ men & HIV- women. HIV+ men & women had double substance abuse rates compared to HIV-. Liver disease was 3-4 times greater among both HIV+ men & women, similarly for GI disorder.
When looking at the next slide that stratified by gender & age you see the increasing rates of multimorbidity & polypharmacy for men & women as they age with HIV+ women having higher rates of multimorbidity compared to HIV+ men from age 50 through over 70, while for HIV- women they do NOT have higher rates in these age groups than HIV men.