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  11th IAS Conference on HIV Science 18-21 July 2021
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Outcomes of Participants Switching from F/TDF to
F/TAF for PrEP: Week 48 Results from the DISCOVER Open Label Phase

  IAS 2021 July 18-22
Christoph Spinner,1 Ann Avery,2 Jason A. Flamm,3 Gordon Crofoot,4 Cynthia Brinson,5 Gitte Kronborg,6 Edwin DeJesus,7 Christoph Carter,8 Alex Kintu,8 Yongwu Shao,8 Ramin Ebrahimi,8 Moupali Das,8 Jared Baeten,8 Amanda Clarke9
1Technical University of Munich, School of Medicine, Munich, Germany; 2MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, USA; 3Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Sacramento, CA, USA; 4The Crofoot Research Center, Houston, TX, USA; 5Central Texas Clinical Research, Austin, TX, USA; 6Hvidovre Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark; 7Orlando Immunology Center, Orlando, FL, USA; 8Gilead Sciences, Inc., Foster City, CA, USA; 9Sexual Health and Clinical Trials, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK